Fuengirola’s magnificent facilities, such as the Sohail castle, Permanent Fairground or the Palacio de la Paz (Palace of Peace), permit the organisation of a series of important events which ensure year round entertainment:

  • International Festival of Music and Dance: The incomparable setting of the Sohail castle is the location for this well-known festival, which is held during the month of July.
  • International Trade Fair. Held in the Fairground, it consists of a great celebration over four days wherein the culture and traditions of more than 30 countries come together, providing a spectacular exhibition of gastronomy, art and folklore in a relaxed and enriching atmosphere.
  • The Medieval Market. In this market which takes place in the Sohail Castle over four days in the month of August, you can find all types of attractive products and activities which turn the visit into a travel through time and a stroll around the Spain of the jugglers, the artisans’ guilds, the traditional cuisine, etc.
  • As well as theatre, concerts, musicals, flamenco, dance, trade fairs, etc., in the Palacio de la Paz (Palace of Peace), sporting events of diverse disciplines, and an extensive cultural programme, which includes exhibitions, concerts, theatre, dance, workshops...

Ruta de la Tapa Erótica

Fuengirola will hold during the month of November the gourmet contest with a “hot” touch, called RUTA DE LA TAPA ERÓTICA.

All citizens and visitors participating in this event will enjoy the most original and creative tapas, which received the last edition names such as climax or sexy smile, in the restaurants of the city. They also will receive a "surprise gift" and participate in the raffle of attractive prizes.


International Fair

Long weekend, 1 May.

Fuengirola has experienced significant population growth, becoming a town in which citizens from different cultures and from different Autonomous Communities of the Spanish State as well as from the rest of the world, all live together.

With the intention of creating awareness of the customs, folklore, gastronomy and cultural, historical and tourist attractions of each inhabitant of our multicultural town, in 1994 a project was set up which over the years has become one of the most important events of this nature on the Costa del Sol, the International Trade Fair.

The International Trade Fair is organised jointly by the Department of Tourism of the Town Council of Fuengirola, and the different national and foreign associations, entities, clubs and collectives located within the municipality. These national and international groups that participate in the event rely on the institutional collaboration provided by the communication media, Town Councils, District Councils, Autonomous International Trade Fair, facilitating better promotion of the products, tourist destinations, cultural facilities and folklore of same.

FIP, as the International Trade Fair is currently known, takes place every year, between the months of April and May, with free entry to the permanent Fuengirola fairground.

By visiting this event, you can experience a tour around the world in four days. Infectious and interactive music, played by authentic bands who are visiting from their countries of origin for the express purpose of performing in this Fair. Delicious dishes, prepared with all the colour and flavour to transport us, through the palate, to faraway countries and communities. Exotic drinks, intense flavours indigenous to each culture. Exhibition and sale of typical products...

The ideal place and time to live a unique experience, stepping up to the window on the world and enjoying the more than thirty three countries and communities represented.Governments, Embassies and Consulates, all of whom lend their support to notably improve the presence of their country or region at the Fair.


Grandma's Casserole

February. *Beverage and casserole 2 € (* Crianza wine, beer, non-alcoholic beverage or water)

La cazuela de la abuela: recipes of the Spanish traditional cuisine. Enjoy the richness of the Mediterranean cuisine in the restaurants and bars of the city and take part in the raffle for family dinners

Note: Prizes will never be in cash. The Organization reserves the right to modify or replace the prizes without prior notice.


Medieval Market

The Sohail Castle of Fuengirola, Arab fortress, restored by the Town Council and converted into an auditorium, has for some years now been the perfect setting for the celebration of the Medieval Market.

In this market you can find all types of attractive products and activities which turn the visit into a real trip back in time and a stroll around the Spain of the jugglers, artisan’s guilds, traditional gastronomy, etc.

The clay, bread, leather, toy, jewellery and carpentry workshops all allow the visitors to see how these products were created in times gone by without industrial intervention.

Other attractions included in past editions of this Market are bow and arrow stalls, donkey rides, sorceresses and card readers, people on stilts, storytellers and children’s games, juggling games, the recreation of people from that age and street theatre. There will be activities for all tastes, both in the afternoon and at night.