Parks and Squares

In total, Fuengirola has more than 428,854 m² of public green areas and 47 parks.

All the town parks have facilities that allow us to enjoy these small paradises to the fullest. Each one has its own uniqueness and charm.


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Sports Park

Address: C/ Deportes, 18


It is a green space of more than 7,000 m² in the area of Los Pacos, between Pacosol street and Reina Doña Juana street. It is equiped to practice sport outdoor, street basketball courts, sports fields to play football, 3x3, skate zone, fixed ping pong tables and upgraded areas to play chess.


Bernabé Tierno Park

Address: C/ Bernabé Tierno


This park, located on one of the banks of the Arroyo Real, has an area of 2,010 m². It has a children's area. The trees that we can observe are: Canary palm tree, black poplar, orange tree, rubber tree, Ficus benjamina.


Juan Pablo II Park

Address: C/ Isla de la Gomera


This large park (4,800 m²) is made up of several different areas: a small entrance with a large parkland with two playgrounds on either side, a small square with a fountain and seats and a small final square with benches. The bronze sculpture of the bust of John Paul II gives the park its name.


Poniente Park

Address: C/ Alberto Morgenstern


This park has an area of 8,926 m². Inside it we find a lot of services that offer the visitor the opportunity to enjoy a green and outdoor environment in which adults and young people have joint leisure options, in addition to the original children's theme park that represents a pirate sailing boat.


Saint Álvaro Park

Address: C/ Viñas


Saint Álvaro Park has an area of nearly 4,500 m² in which both children and adults can have fun and play outdoors. This versatility is based on the possibility of playing petanque on the existing courts next to a skating area and children's swings.


Spain Park

Address: C/ María Josefa Larrucea, Town Hall square


This park has a surface area of 3,864 m² and has facilities for the elderly and a children's area.

The following tree species can be seen: plum, eucalyptus, oriental banana, orange, Canary palm tree, date and washington, Indian bay tree, olive, melia, ficus.


La Cantera Park

Address: C/ Narciso


This park contains all the necessary elements to enjoy a walk, exercise or enjoy the outdoors with the family. The vegetation of the area makes it a singular enclave that gathers typical species of the Mediterranean forest.


Rosario Park

Address: C/ Hermanos Galán Casero



  • Children’s play area
  • Basketball court
  • Petanque pitch

Footballers' Park

Address: Av. Jesús Santos Rein


This park of approximately 2,000 m² owes its name to a nice sculpture that is located at the entrance of the park in which several soccer balls appear, in commemoration of former soccer players in the area. It has large shaded areas and a small playground.


Las Presas Park

Address: C/ Oropéndola


This park has 11 hectares of surface in which a lot of vegetal and animal species coexist. It is a very natural environment through which the Las Presas Stream flows and where there are areas of grass near the stream and paths between vegetation connected by wooden bridges over it.


Los Naranjos Park

Address: C/ Fuensanta


This park has an area of approximately 4,473 m², formerly occupied by orange trees, hence its name. It serves as a leisure area for the residents who can enjoy a common green space with playgrounds, public gymnastics machines and walking paths.

La Veguilla Park

Address: Paseo Jesús Santos Rein


This park has a bio-healthy area, drinking water fountains, children's play area and green surroundings in which to walk or play sports. The vegetation that stands out is above all the jacaranda (Jacaranda mimosifolia) as well as the flowerbeds planted with different ornamental plants with flowers and the vines (Hedera rhombea).


Castle Park

Address: C/ Tartesos


In this space we find a predominant native vegetation represented by the outline of Aleppo pine that circumscribes the building, olive trees, brooms, carob tree. The area has a great biodiversity, this is because, despite the predominance of native species, the presence of non-native species such as drago and ficus is also common and varied.


Sun Park

Address: C/ Victoria


In its 4,750 m² of green area, this park has an unbeatable plant biodiversity. In this extension we find a children's play area, an area for restoration, spaces crossed by watercourses with waterfalls and places to sit, walk and relax.


Pacolitos Park

Address: Located between Av. de Los Pacos and Trigueros and Federico García Lorca streets.


It has two children’s play areas, a pedestrian walkway over the Alcarihuela stream and diverse species of trees such as the orchid tree, the white poplar, the fire tree, the Indian bay tree, the olive tree, the oriental banana tree or the eucalyptus tree.


Pulgarcito Park

Address: Located between Pablo Romero and Domingo Ortega streets.


This small park has a children's area and several tree species, such as ficus, Ficus benjamina, maple or oriental banana. It is also worth mentioning the sculpture of Pulgarcito, made by the local sculptor José Gómez.


Andrés López Yebra Square


Located on the Promenade, opposite the Marina. Next to it, there area several children's attractions.


Constitution Square


It was the first square in Fuengirola, named in 1841. The only living witness of that time is the centenary ficus, popularly called the "Pellet Tree", which is located in front of the Rosario Church, patron saint of Fuengirola, also located in this square.


Hispanity Square


This square is located in Feria de Jerez street, exhibiting a modern Mediterranean architecture.


Spain Square


It is located in the centre of Fuengirola, in front of the new Town Hall.


Carmen Square


It is located in the centre of Los Boliches, in front of the Santa Fe Church and between the streets Iglesia and Salinas.


River Park


Discover a unique setting in Andalusia next to the most impeccable beaches of Spain and Sohail Castle, a moorish fortress from the 11th century. A place to enjoy leisure, sport, culture and fun in the heart of the Costa del sol.

Parque Canino Guau Guau

Guau Guau Dog Park

Address: C/ Alcalá Galiano (Los Pacos)


The Dog Park "Guau Guau" is framed in Los Pacos and at the time of its creation has been the largest green space dedicated to dogs in all of Andalusia. It extension is 5,400 m² and has a lawn, walking area, trails and a fenced area with "agility" devices so that dogs and pets can emulate the specialists in this type of competition.

Parque Canino Guau Guau 2 (Zona Oeste)

Guau Guau 2 Dog Park (West Side)

Address: C/ San Gabriel (Miramar area)


The second dog park in Fuengirola is located in San Gabriel street, next to the Miramar shopping centre. It has an area of 3,600 m². Of these, just over 2,200 meters correspond to garden areas and another 645 are intended for recreation.

The facility also has a gymnastics and dog training area.

Parque Colegio Sohail

Sohail School Park

Address: Av. Condes de San Isidro with C/ Salvador Rodríguez Navas


This urban park has a surface area of 1,853 m² and among its trees we can find: brachichitos, dombeya, stone pine, magnolia, dwarf palm, feathery coconuts and cypresses.

Duchess Park

Address: Junction C/ Alberto Morgenstern and Paseo Marítimo


This park is located next to the Promenade, in the area near the Fuengirola River. It has an area of 1,153 m² and has a children's area.

The species of trees that can be observed are tamarinds and araucarias.

Parque de la Fantasía

Fantasy Park

Address: Junction C/ Méndez Núñez and C/ Churruca


Theme park dedicated to the characters of children's literature, represented in sculptures. It has a children's play area, including integration games, and also a petanque.

Parque de la Reina

Queen's Park

Address: C/ Infanta Doña Elena


Green area of more than 1,300 m² with children's play area.

Parque de las Palmeras

Palm Trees Park

Address: C/ Feria de Jerez


It has an area of 3,435 m² and has 2 children's areas.

If you visit this park you can see the following trees: tipuana, beautiful shade, date palm, washingtonia and jacaranda.

To know the situation of each one of the species, you can consult the Guide of Parks that is published at the beginning of the list of parks.

Parque de los Niños

Children's Park

Address: Junction C/ Isla Mallorca and C/ La Isla. Plaza de los Niños.


The Children's Park has an area of 2,165 m² and as a peculiarity we can mention that it has coloured silhouettes of children, whose names correspond to some of the regular visitors to the park.

If you visit this park you can find the following trees: orange tree, jacaranda, olive tree, oriental banana tree and giant strelitzia.

To know the situation of each one of the mentioned species you can consult the Park Guide, published at the beginning of the list of parks.

Parque del Yacimiento

Roman Archaeological Park (Secretary's Estate)

Address: Av. Jesús Cautivo with Av. Finlandia


This park has an area of 1,195 m². Within this estate you can visit the archaeological sites of the Roman period, with explanatory panels that recreate life in that period.

You can also see the following species of trees: elm, olive tree, cypress, pomegranate, laurel, stone pine, date and Canary palm, quince, feathery coconut and fan palm.

To find out about the location of these trees, please consult the Park Guide published on this website.

This park is open during the following hours.

  • Winter (October-April): from 10:00 to 22:00 hours *.
  • Summer (May-September): from 10:00 to 24:00 hours *.

* Opening hours subject to change due to the epidemiological situation arising from COVID-19.

Parque Europa

Europe Park

Address: Between C/ Alondras and C/ Golondrinas


This green area has about 5,000 m² where you can find children's games, a sports court, bio-healthy equipment and a network of paths, as well as splendid views.

Parque Guardia Civil

Civil Guard Park

Address: C/ Inca


This park owes its name to its proximity to the facilities of the Civil Guard. It has a surface of 1,263 m² and has a children’s area.

If you walk through this green area you can see the following trees: Canary palm, ficus lira, medlar, jacaranda, araucaria, privet and silk floss tree.

If you want to know the situation of each one of the species, you can consult the Park Guide which is published at the beginning of the list of parks.

Parque Ibiza

Ibiza Park

Address: Junction C/ Las Cañadas, C/ Isla Cabrera and C/ Isla de Ibiza


The Ibiza Park with only 652 m² has two children’s areas. The trees in this park consists of jacaranda, washingtonia and privet.

If you want to consult the Fuengirola Park Guide, it is published at the beginning of the list of parks.

Parque de los Helechos

Ferns Park

Address: C/ Los Helechos


Green area of 947 m² with children's playground and bio-healthy appliances. The presence of carob and cypress trees stands out.

Parque María del Carmen Díez

María del Carmen Díez Park

Address: C/ Isla Lanzarote and C/ Isla Gomera


The Mª Carmen Díez Park has a surface area of 5,419 m² and has a children's area, skating rink and sports facilities.

If you walk through this green area you can find the following trees: Indian bay tree, Ficus benjamin, rubber tree, stone and insignia pine, Canary palm, aligustre, feathery coconut, brachichito, plum pissardi and pipe cleaner.

To know the situation of each one of the mentioned species you can consult the Park Guide, which is published at the beginning of the list of parks.


Skate Plaza Park


This park has an estimated area of 5,280 m² and is a place created for skateboarding. The best surfaces, ramps, etc. have been built to allow young people to practice an activity that has more followers every day.


Syalis Park


Green area located on a 3,000 m² plot divided into four areas. The first is 150 m² and includes equipment for children with a slide, a swing, a double spring and another game adapted for children with disabilities to promote integration. The area for adults already mentioned, with bio-health devices, occupies about 70 m². An important network of paths and meadows for resting complete the facilities.