Parks and Squares

In total, Fuengirola has more than 350.000m2 of green public zones and more than 20 landscaped areas.

All the town parks have facilities which enable us to enjoy these little havens to the utmost. Each one has its own charm and unique features. You can see all the information of parks and squares in that web


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Sports Park

It is a green space of over 7,000 square meters in the area of Los Pacos, between Pacosol street and Reina Doña Juana street. It is equiped to practice sport outdoor, street basketball courts, to play football panna 3x3, skate zone, ping pong fixed and upgraded areas to play chess.


Parque Bernabé Tierno

Address: C/ Bernabé Tierno

Este parque situado en uno de los márgenes del Arroyo Real,cuenta con una superficie de 2010 m2. Dispone de un área infantil Los arboles que podemos observar son: Palmera canaria, Chopo negro, Naranjo, Árbol de caucho, Ficus benjamin.


Parque Juan Pablo II

Address: C/ Isla Gomera con Alcalde Clemente Díaz Ruíz.


Poniente Park

This park consists of 16.000 square metres and is located between calle Alberto Morgensten and the A-7 motorway. The park itself is a homage to the sea and to sailors, therefore representative details and elements have been included which make reference to the Mediterranean, such as the children’s playground which recreates a giant galleon with waves, or the three caravel masts and sails.

Amongst its facilities it has a children’s playground, a dedicated area for skating and playing football, petanque pitch and biohealth equipment for adults.

Address: C/ Alberto Morgensten.


Parque San Álvaro

Address: C/ Viñas.


Parque de España

Address: C/ María Josefa Larrucea, Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

Este parque cuenta con una superfice de 3.864 m2. cuenta con equipamientos para mayores y zona infantil.

Se pueden apreciar las siguientes especies de arbolado: Ciruelo, Eucalipto, Plátano oriental, Naranjo, Palmera canaria, datilera y washintonia, Laurel de indias, Olivo, Melia, Ficus.


Parque La Cantera

Address: C/ Narciso.


Rosario Park

Address: C/ Hermanos Galán Casero.


  • Children’s play area
  • Basketball court
  • Petanque pitch

Parque de Los Futbolistas

Address: Av. Jesús Santos Rein.


Las Presas Park

Address: C/ Oropéndola.


Parque de Los Naranjos

Address: C/ Fuensanta.


Parque del Castillo

Address: C/ Tartesos.


Sol Park

Address: C/ Victoria.


Pacolitos Park

Located between Avenida de Los Pacos and Triguero and Federico García Lorca streets, it has two children’s play areas, a walkway over the Alcarihuela stream and diverse species of trees such as the orchid tree, white poplar, fire tree, Indian bay tree, olive tree, oriental banana tree or the eucalyptus tree.


Parque Pulgarcito

Located between Calle Pablo Romero y Domingo Ortega.


Plaza Andrés López Yebra

Address: Paseo Marítimo. Located opposite the Marina.


Plaza de la Constitución

Located in the centre of Fuengirola, this is where the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, patron saint of Fuengirola, is located.


Plaza de la Hispanidad

This square is located in calle Feria de Jerez, exhibiting modern Mediterranean architecture.


Plaza de España

Plaza de España, located in the centre of Fuengirola, in front of the new Town hall.


Plaza Virgen del Carmen

Plaza Virgen del Carmen, located in the centre of Los Boliches, Next to the Santa Fe Church.


Parque Fluvial

Get to know a unique setting in Andalusia beside impeccable beaches and Sohail Castle, a moorish fortress from the 11th century in Spain. A place of enjoyment, leisure, sport, culture and fun in the very heart of the Costa del sol.