Fuengirola +Historia

There are many routes that show you various parts of the history of Fuengirola, but with this route and augmented reality mobile application, it will allow you to take a trip to the past.

Thanks to the SMART TRIP TOURIST-CULTURAL PROJECT, an augmented reality app you will be able to know what Fuengirola, Phoenician, Almoravid and Roman augmented reality was like through the stories and experiences of its characters.

TIt will allow you to do a gymkana, touring the three tourist points of interest in the municipality and solving the missions and enigmas entrusted by the characters in the app in a fun and educational way.

You can find the app "Fuengirola +HISTORIA" in the Android and Apple markets for free.

We recommend you do the route on foot, it will not take you more than 2 hours and 30 minutes to do it and you will be able to visit and get to know the entire municipality of Fuengirola from its coast. To download the application click on the icons that you can find below

At each of the points of interest we inform you of the access times for each of them so that you can organize your route.

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Points of interest along the route




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