Fuengirola +HISTORIA

First point of interest: City of Suel


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The Phoenician colony and later Roman municipality of Suel is located on the Castillo hill and the extensive plain that extends at its feet, next to the mouth of the Fuengirola river.

The oldest mention of this known enclave in classical Greco-Roman sources is offered by an author from the 6th century BC. C. as is Hecataeus of Miletus, who calls it Syalis/Sualis and qualifies it as a city of the Masteni.

When the Phoenicians settled on the hill, from the 7th century BC. C., the appearance of this area was very different from what we can see nowadays. Thanks to the geoarchaeological surveys carried out by the University of Bremen and the images provided by various historical maps from modern and contemporary times, we know that the Fuengirola River had its mouth further inland, constituting a narrow and deep bay where there were several small islands, of so that the hill was shaped like a peninsula.

This marine space was filled from the end of the Middle Ages until it progressively acquired its current image.

Our character


Phoenician merchant of the 7th century BC. He toured the entire Mediterranean Sea with his seine and spent a lot of time fishing. He sold all his catch along the coast. He is the character who will introduce you to the history of Fuengirola, from the Phoenician era to the present day, and will entrust you with a mission.